"I hate to tell long stories when I do reviews but sometimes they really are needed. My Durango was exposed to the elements for a very long time due to a vandal breaking the back window and moisture getting in. Mold overtook the entire vehicle and I couldn't do anything about it because I was without a job at the time. I did a lot of tedious Google searching for somewhere near me that could handle such a big job and these guys really did a great service. These guys were honest, straightforward and have a WONDERFUL business model that I hope I can work with in the future provided that I choose to have the outside done too. THANK YOU AGAIN for all the hard work. I know this was no easy task." Alex W., 5 Stars on Yelp, 3/28/18


2006 Ford F150

Paint Correction Revival​

We are happy to recommend The Rollin' Wrench mobile car repair services! We have worked extensively with owner Joshua Bowen and have found him to be honest, kind and very sound mechanically, and his customer service to be top-rate. We have happily trusted him with our business and personal vehicles for several years and have been consistently very pleased. You may find their website at: https://therollinwrench.com

Before :(

Puyallup Personal Auto Detailing


"Thank you for making my car look and smell amazing! It was awesome to have the door to door service as well! I will definitely be a repeat customer!." Staff Sgt. BreAnn H., 5 Stars, Facebook, 6/3/17

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Better Details, Better Prices,

Free Vehicle Pick Up & Drop Off Service True Care!

Revived! :)

"Excellent Work on the Car! He got rid of the smoke smell in my car and I couldn't be happier with how it looks and smells now after the detail. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work." Derek E., 5 Stars, Yelp, 5/4/17

2012 Lexus IS250 Scratches Removed & Revived to Pure, Clear, Mirror-ized Silver!

"Puyallup Personal Auto Detailing does a great job and I highly recommend them. We use them for our personal and business vehicles and they do an excellent job at very fair prices. They provide a great "personal touch" and very courteous and dependable customer service and we trust them." J. Stewart, 5 Stars, Google, 2/2017

If It Can Get Clean, We'll Make it Clean!

You Should Enjoy the Time You Spend in Your Car - Let Us Help Make Sure that You Do!

Who Says Your Car Has To Look Bad In The Rain! We Can Make It Roll Right Off All Winter! This Denali Just Finished About 20 Minutes In Rain.

We serve businesses too and give extra multi-vehicle discounts - for business customers & individuals!

This Subaru Outback w/Over 180,000 Miles had been overtaken by organic growth and other yucky mess after sitting outside for a very, very long time. It also looked like it had critters living in the engine area. Looks REVIVED to Almost New Now!

Santa Fe Before

About Us - Reviews and Example Pictures Below

We started this business out of a desire to serve others in doing something we are good at and enjoy. We also believe that people often have personal feelings about their cars and want to enjoy the time they spend in them. We hope to be able to help make your daily driving environment one which you truly enjoy and are comfortable in. We also hope to help you preserve and make last one of your most important assets and most useful and necessary daily tools. Our goal is to make your car look better than it did when you bought it!

We  are a low volume business, so we are not in a hurry to get your car done and move on to the next one. We take our time and make sure to really care for your car and get all of the details right. That is the essence of our "personal touch" detailing approach. We are about serving people, not making as much money as possible. Let us serve you today - you'll be glad you did! Thorough, Meticulous, High Quality, Fair Prices, Hearts of Service!

We are open 7 days a week and offer daytime and nighttime appointments.