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"Purple Heart Mustang"

Revived for Veterans Fundraiser Event

  • Vehicle Hand Washing & Drying
  • Vehicle Hand Waxing & Buffing
  • Exterior Detailing, Trim, Etc.
  • Swirl, Scratch, Oxidation, Staining & Other Paint Damage Removal; Water Spot Removal
  • ​Protective Coatings for Paint & Other Exterior Surfaces
  • Tire & Rim Cleaning & Detailing
  • Interior Vacuuming & Shampooing; Stains Removal
  • Interior Cleaning & Detailing, Protecting & Conditioning
  • ​Carpet & Upholstery Scotchgard/Protection
  • Leather & Vinyl Rejuvination - Restoration
  • Engine Bay & Engine Cleaning
  • Resale Rehabilitation
  • Commercial Vehicle Details & Package Discounts
  • Multi-Detail Discounts
  • Free Pick Up & Drop Off Service
  • All Services Price Quoted in Advance
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"I don't even have the words for how amazing these people are. Punctual, genuine, hard-working, perfectionists, communicative, and so on and so on. My car was in great shape to begin with but I wanted to get some heavy duty wax applied for a trip overseas. John LISTENED to my concerns and goals, called me to discuss options when he encountered a bump in the road, and gave me his recommendations but didn't pressure  me to choose a particular option. The pick up and drop off service doesn't get ANY more convenient and they are low volume so they really spend the time they need with each and every vehicle. There is no quota and their prices are outstanding. Just an incredible value. It's very clear that they are passionate about what they do but are so genuinely nice and humble. My car came back on time, within the quoted price, looked absolutely phenomenal, and smelled divine. I wouldn't hesitate for one second to refer anyone to them. Thank you Puyallup Personal Auto Detailing, for providing such spectacular service and for being such wonderful people."   Kirsten W., 5 Stars on Yelp, 3/8/18

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This 2016 Honda Civic was covered in dullness caused by severe water spots from yard sprinkler water. Now, after our water spot removal process - that is both effective and economical - its FINISH is REVIVED to MAXIMUM SHINE and CLARITY!

Puyallup's Best Car Detailing Results & Experience

Benz After - Revived & Beautified! 

Before :(

Evoque Revived!

15 Year Old Acura RSX Revived!

Benz Before - Covered in Paint Overspray

It's Bug Season! And Bugs Are No Joke! They can badly - and permanently - stain and damage car finish and other materials if they are not removed PROPERLY and QUICKLY! What products and methods you use can make a huge difference. Check out these before and after pics from a Subaru Outback, and let us save your car's finish this season. We'll get them off - all the way off - and won't damage your finish. :)

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We are a small family owned and operated business. Properly serving others is very important to us and we pay close attention to the details in all that we do. Our desire is to serve you with great care and to treat your car as if it were our own. Because of that we take each job personally and consistently serve at a high level that demonstrates great care and service.

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Car Detailing Services

We serve a relatively small number of customers and do not use an "assembly line" approach. We want you to be truly pleased with your vehicle and comfortable in it. Because of our commitment to serving others and focus on quality and not quantity, we believe you will find the services we perform to be at a very high "personal touch" level and also reasonably and fairly priced.